Being aware of reality

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Early misconceptions


How a little Selenium knowledge can go a long way

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What’s a bot?

What’s Selenium?


Analyzing an incredible feature

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The usual way of doing things

Let me explain…

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Being new to the process


Bringing everything together

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Adding the imports

Getting the HTML and performing parsing


Downloading the right tools for the job

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What’s a web scraper?

Description of the scraper I built


A mind-numbing concept simplified

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What’s all the fuss about?

Addressing an existential crisis

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What is string slicing?

String slicing syntax

phrase = 'Python String Slicing'
phrase[0:6] # 'Python'
phrase[7:13] # 'String'
phrase[14:len(phrase)] # 'Slicing'

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Putting the mystery to rest

Joey Zamiski

Computer Science student. Hopeful Research Scientist in Computer Graphics.

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