Analyzing an incredible feature

The usual way of doing things

The code above shows that the BeautifulSoup constructor (on line 12, imported as soup) takes in arguments of a site’s HMTL and a string indicating the type of parser that we need. This creates a BeautifulSoup object that we can use to scrape data from. Scraping a page or…


Bringing everything together

Adding the imports

The code above imports the Beautiful Soup library, urlopen function, BeautifulSoup function, and csv module. You will see how each of these things are used as we continue with the code.

Getting the HTML and performing parsing

In Python, you can import a function through a different alias. Therefore, request(url) and soup(page_html, ‘html.parser’) are…


A mind-numbing concept simplified

What’s all the fuss about?

Recursion seems to be the one topic that gives every beginning computer science student a headache for months. This concept can be introduced through a variety of different materials, however, it is most notably seen in the form of recursive functions. Functions, in general, are used to group statements together…

Addressing an existential crisis

I have been stuck trying to figure out the answer to this question for what seems like an eternity. More and more people have no curiosity left in their lives. No one wants to know why anything happens anymore. Questions like: “Who am I?,” “Why does the universe exist?,” “Why…

What is string slicing?

String slicing is Python’s way of generating a substring. A substring is a part of a string. For example, “Hi there!” is a string and “there!” is a substring of the original string.

String slicing syntax

phrase = 'Python String Slicing'
phrase[0:6] # 'Python'
phrase[7:13] # 'String'
phrase[14:len(phrase)] # 'Slicing'

The code above…

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